Being stuck with gnat 4.6 is a problem of an old Debian. My Debian 9 has a gnat 
6.3 :)

Even Debian 8 / 8.x should use a gnat 4.9 or 5.x.

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Acting on Patrick's question,

> I find it strange that your gnat names himself "GNAT GPL 2016" instead of 
> gnat 6.3.0 or any other GCC like version number.
> What is your system's name? Is GNAT standalone in your system or a part of 
> GCC?

I installed (again) Debian's gnat and the libraries compiled.  My regression 
tests run  to completion, and it seems GHDL is correctly installed.

Thanks for your help and patience!


In spite of being somewhat experienced with Linux-Debian administration, I got 
confused in the process of building GHDL  :)

The instructions say the GNAT should, preferably, be that from 

I downloaded the tarball with the latest version and installed the files at 

This is the GNAT with the "GNAT GPL 2016" version number, and the one which the 
make-ing of the libraries says "gnat compiler cannot be found".

Considering Patrick's suggestion, I downloaded the (very old) GNAT 4.6 of the 
Debian distro and with this version, GHDL compiled all the libraries.

The permissions and PATHs were all double-checked before asking for help on 

I guess I ought to have stuck with the proven 2014 GNAT.

Please note that this is not a complaint, just a report on my experience.


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