ghdl -e -v -Wl,<O_File_1>.o -Wl,<O_File_2>.o ...  -Wl,<O_File_N>.o 

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Gesendet: Sonntag, 23. April 2017 15:23
Betreff: [Ghdl-discuss] Status of the VPI / VHPI interfaces implementation

Hi everybody,

I want to communicate a VHDL simulator with some external code for a research 
project and I would like to use GHDL.

What is the status of the VPI / VHPI / interfacing to other languages 
implementation on GHDL?

I have been able to compile and run the external sin() example here:
 , but I'm having trouble getting a simple custom .c/.o file linked with GHDL. 
¿Do I need to create a library with my custom functions, or is there a way to 
link against a specific object code file during the elaboration phase?

I am using GHDL 0.34dev with GCC back-end code generator.

Kind regards,

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