On 21 Apr, Mike Kelly wrote:

> A month ago I submitted two bug reports using Bugzilla.  To date, they
> remain in the "UNCONFIRMED" state.  I've already patched my version of
> GIMP as per bug 52383, so this doesn't really bother me except that it
> seems to me that others might benefit from it.  Have I reported the
> bug using the incorrect method?

 No, what you've done is absolutely correct and I'd like to thank you
 for your efforts.

> Are you folks swamped with work? 

 Unfortunately yes. Raphael and me have cared about the bugtracker so
 far, however I'm really busy at the moment and thus we're a bit behind
 with confirming bugs lately. Sorry about that....

> What can I do to expedite this process?

 Creating proper bugreports is a very good start, having a fix in
 hand is even better but fixing foreign bugs will make you a god.... :)



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