On Sun, 22 Apr 2001, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 >  On 21 Apr, Mike Kelly wrote:
 > > A month ago I submitted two bug reports using Bugzilla.  To date, they
 > > remain in the "UNCONFIRMED" state.  I've already patched my version of
 > > GIMP as per bug 52383, so this doesn't really bother me except that it
 > > seems to me that others might benefit from it.  Have I reported the
 > > bug using the incorrect method?
 >  No, what you've done is absolutely correct and I'd like to thank you
 >  for your efforts.

Yes.  I wish that more people would use the bug database for reporting
bugs.  This is the correct way to do it.  And these bug reports included
all the necessary information to reproduce and analyze the bugs, which
is very nice.

 > > Are you folks swamped with work?
 >  Unfortunately yes. Raphael and me have cared about the bugtracker so
 >  far, however I'm really busy at the moment and thus we're a bit behind
 >  with confirming bugs lately. Sorry about that....

And I just came back from a long business trip abroad, so I haven't been
able to take care of the bug reports recently.  I will try to do that
today or tomorrow (once I have dealt with the urgent stuff at work).
Note that I currently do not have write access to CVS, so even if I can
confirm or edit a bug report, I will not be able to fix it in the current
code tree.  Anyway, I will confirm your two bug reports right now and deal
with the other ones later.

 > > What can I do to expedite this process?
 >  Creating proper bugreports is a very good start, having a fix in
 >  hand is even better but fixing foreign bugs will make you a god.... :)

The problem is that all developers should pay more attention to the changes
in the bug database.  There is not much that you can do about that, except
for complaining on this list.  Some have suggested to post the bug reports
to this list, but this is not a good idea because in the long run bugzilla
is much better at doing this kind of things (for example, everybody can
check the status and dependencies of a bug report, instead of replying to
an old mail about a bug that has already been fixed).

It isn't hard for the developers to see the bugs that have been entered or
modified recently.  The following URL will give a list of all Gimp bugs that
have changed in the last week, sorted by time of update:


Hint: click on the "change columns" link at the bottom of the page, then
check the "changeddate" and "reporter" boxes in order to get more useful

By the way, maybe we could consider setting the old gimp bugs list to be
the default owner for all Gimp bugs.  This would ensure that any update to
a bug would immediately be e-mailed to the list until someone takes ownership
of this bug.  The default owner does not have to be a real person, as you can
see for example on the Ximian bugzilla:
This bug report shows that the default owner is [EMAIL PROTECTED]
We could do that too, and all bug reports that are currently assigned to
Daniel could be re-assigned to the Gimp bugs list.


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