2011/6/26 Jeremy Morton <ad...@game-point.net>:
> When I open a non-GIMP format file, like a PNG, by drag-dropping it into
> GIMP, and then I edit it, I go to export it, by pressing ctrl+E... and
> nothing happens.  This is because what I actually have to do is select
> "File | Overwrite (filename.png)".
> Wouldn't it be more intuative to behave as if you'd just exported
> (filename.png), or whatever file you've just imported into GIMP, so that
> once you've edited it you can just press ctrl+E and easily export it
> back to its native format?

Yes it would be more intuitive, and that was also the initial design.

The reason it works the way it works today is to avoid data-loss. In
GIMP 2.6, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E invokes the harmless View ->
Shrink Wrap action. In GIMP 2.8, it overwrites an original file. In
other words, this sequence of events is harmless in GIMP 2.6:

1. File -> Open file-I-dont-want-to-lose.jpg
2. Make some significant changes
3. Press Ctrl+E

while in GIMP 2.8 the file-I-dont-want-to-lose.jpg would be lost if we
made Ctrl+E invoke Overwrite by default and a user, quite reasonable,
expects Ctrl+E to still be Shrink Wrap. The idea was that by forcing
users to manually assign Ctrl+E to Overwrite, they would confirm that
"ok I know Ctrl+E will potentially destory my originals".

That file-overwrite and file-export can't have the same keyboard
shortcut is a bug, that is meant to work. Quite an oversight that it

Once people have learned that Ctrl+E is export and not Shrink Wrap, we
can make Ctrl+E be the default keyboard shortcut for both Overwrite
and Export. Until then, I just made a commit so that you can use
Alt+F, W instead at least:

commit 9ae0dc034b7791c15479649f71ef4cda8caaf34e
Author: Martin Nordholts <mart...@src.gnome.org>
Date:   Tue Jun 28 08:53:45 2011 +0200

    Make 'w' a mnemonic for File -> Overwrite ...


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