Hello GIMP devs. I'm hoping that someone on this list can help point me in the 
right direction.
My name is Andrew Brandt. I'm an security researcher for the antivirus company 
I've come across a large number of installers for GIMP which have been 
published by a company called iBryte. 
That company, whose web site is at http://landing.ibryte.com/ creates 
installers of open-source applications which have been bundled with additional 
software. The installers require the person who is attempting to install these 
products to agree to install all of the following software before they may have 
the GIMP binaries:
-- "Pagerage" -- a browser plugin which embeds ads within Facebook. This is a 
non-optional installation.
-- "Alot toolbar" and "alot.com" homepahe -- an adware toolbar and a 
modification to the browser's default search settings (this is an optional 
installation which is preselected)
-- "PlayBrite" -- some sort of software that's used to display ads while you 
play online games through a web browser. This is a non-optional installation 
which affects all installed browsers on the system.
-- "Yontoo Layers" -- a Firefox plugin which is installed during the process 
but which is not disclosed in the installation Wizard. It is unknown what this 
plugin does at this time.
I have a number of questions for someone who is in a position to speak on 
behalf of the GIMP project.
-- Have you signed a distribution agreement with this company?
-- Are third parties permitted, according to your EULA, to bundle your product 
this way?
-- If this company is distributing this software without your express, written 
consent, what steps do you plan to take to put an end to this practice?
I realize this list goes to a lot of people, but I'm hoping this message will 
end up in the hands of someone who can speak to all of these issues. Please 
feel free to contact me directly if you have additional questions.
Andrew Brandt
Lead Threat Research Analyst
+1 720.842.3563
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