On Thursday, July 14, 2011, 19:34:08, Andrew Brandt wrote:

> -- Have you signed a distribution agreement with this company?

No (but I'm not a core developer - just somebody who happens to
provide the most popular installer for GIMP on Windows).

> -- Are third parties permitted, according to your EULA, to bundle your 
> product this way?

GIMP is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. The
GPL only covers redistribution (not usage, which isn't limited in any
way), which is allowed provided that certain criteria are met -
specifically, anybody receiving the software has to get the same
rights of redistribution, and at the same time also has to be able to
get the source code from the same place where the binary was obtained
(the source code has to match the binary exactly; it also has to be
provided from the same place as the binary, unless the one providing
the binary has an agreement with a 3rd party that's providing the
source code).

Bundling other products is not covered (it's neither forbidden, nor

> -- If this company is distributing this software without your
> express, written consent, what steps do you plan to take to put an end to 
> this practice?

They aren't (since no such consent is needed), but unless they don't
provide the source code, nobody will do anything.

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