Hi everyone,

I just went through our GIMP 2.8 schedule at
http://tasktaste.com/projects/Enselic/gimp-2-8 and made some
adjustments and about a month was added to the release date estimate
because of it. I would like to describe the adjustments I did, check
the status of the various tasks, and discuss if we can do anything to
get 2.8 out faster, or if there maybe is more work left to do on
2.8 than the schedule reflects.

Changes I did:
 * Removed "Bug 647834 - Stop using deprecated API in plug-ins"
   because the problem doesn't exist in stable versions, only in
   development versions

 * Lowered size of "Bug 631934 - Interaction between Old text
   parameters and new region specific text attributes" from 8 to 5
   working days because that seemed to me like a better
   estimate. mitch?

 * Added "Make window mode switching less destructive", because we (I)
   need to prevent dock windows from being placed on top of each other
   when switching from single-window mode to multi-window mode

 * Added "Single-window mode related bugfixing buffer" because I
   expect some single-window mode related bugs to pop up that I need
   to fix

 * Added "Bug 645120 - Disable color tools overlay dialogs"

Status of tasks:
 * I'm going to take care of all single-window mode related tasks +
   "Bug 596410 - gimp-image-get-filename returns NULL for imported

 * Regarding "Bug 642728 - Use cairo to draw Gfig", I don't think this
   blocks 2.8, we can use the old way of drawing in 2.8. Objections to
   me removing it from the schedule? I know Mikachu has started the
   porting. If he finishes before 2.8 is released that's great, but
   not having GFig ported to cairo in 2.8 isn't a blocker IMO.

 * Regarding "Bug 304798 - Painting brush outline is slow", is this
   still a big problem? I know Alexia and mitch has worked on this.

 * Regarding our biggest tasks, "Bug 612931 - Moving individual layer
   in layer group not possible with Move Tool" and "Bug 51112 -
   clipping groups or masking groups (like in Photoshop files)", maybe
   I have over-estimated these? What do you think mitch?

Any other tasks you'd like to discuss? Any tasks you'd like to add to
the GIMP 2.8 schedule?

Overall the progress on tasks have been good. The reason we have a
small slip is only because new things have been added to the schedule
that was not originally included. Thanks to everyone that has helped
out completing tasks so far! Keep it up.

 / Martin


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