This is a small update on some changes I have made on our continuous
integration tool Jenkins that is hosted here:

With the addition of nightly tarball builds of feature branches, in
particular for some of our GSoC projects, there is a new naming
convention for jobs:

* The name of the distcheck job for the master branch of babl is
* The name of the distcheck job for the soc-2011-gimpunitentry branch
of GIMP is 'gimp-distcheck-soc-2011-gimpunitentry'

Also, I have stopped using the GNOME Project Builder plug-in for all
our jobs and started using plain shell commands instead. This makes
job configuration more straightforward and adaptable. For reference, I
have included the commands used to build and publish the nightly GIMP
git master tarball at the bottom of the mail.

 / Martin

# Constants for this build

# Clean up distdir from previously failed distchecks to prevent make
# check from being confused
package="`grep '^PACKAGE = ' Makefile | awk '{print$3}'`"
version="`grep '^VERSION = ' Makefile | awk '{print$3}'`"
test ! -d "$distdir" || \
  { find "$distdir" -type d ! -perm -200 -exec chmod u+w {} ';' && \
    rm -fr "$distdir"; }

# Build
./autogen.sh --prefix=${PREFIX} --enable-gtk-doc
make check
make install
make distcheck

# Rename built tarball so it always have the same name
ls -1t *.tar.* | head -n 1 | xargs -I fff mv fff ${TARBALL_NAME}

# Publish to ftp
cp ${TARBALL_NAME} /var/ftp/pub/nightly-tarballs


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