Here are my review comments from a rather detailed review round. I've
looked carefully at the GimpUnitAdjustment and GimpUnitEntry APIs, as
I believe we can get the API in a state good enough for inclusion in
the GIMP 2.10 plug-in API (that will also survive into GIMP 3.0).
GimpUnitEntries should still be kept around, but not as part of a
backwards compatible public API, only as a private convenience for us.
Same goes for your new gimp_prop_*()-functions and GimpUnitParser. I
did't look very closely at the GimpUnitEntries implementation or API
this time. I didn't look very close at GimpUnitParser either since
it's a small internal helper which is always nice.

The diff with comments can be found here:

Your focus now should be on fixing the review comments (and coding
style and documentation) rather than continuing to port GIMP app to
use GimpUnitEntry as there is not much time left in the project.

Keep up the good job :)

 / Martin


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