I'm looking for a way to implement a fast-painting animation using GIMP.What 
I'd like to achieve is a tool that allows the artist to just paint, and with a 
press of a button produce a video of the painting process. I'm looking for 
solutions that integrates with the painting program, because screen-capture 
programs display things (toolboxes, mouse) which I don't want to appear in the 
final video.
I'd like to know whether I'm inventing something that's already invented, 
discuss possible implementation strategies, and ask for pointers on how to 
start.One idea I had was to use "duplicate layer" every n milliseconds (or on 
mouse movement, after n milliseconds have passed), then save each layer as an 
image and create the video out of these images.
Another idea is to make an undo point every n milliseconds, then play the undo 
stack and save each step. I suppose it will take less memory than the first 
idea, which does not seem like a a scalable one.
As far as I can tell, both these ideas cannot be implemented as plugins (I 
cannot duplicate the layers every n milliseconds with a plugin, I cannot modify 
the undo behavior of basic painting tools, and I cannot play the undo stack 
with a plugin) Is that correct?
Any comments on this, as well as pointers to the code, will be 
appreciated.Thanks in advance,Uri Simchoni
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