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> As far as I can tell, both these ideas cannot be implemented as  
> plugins (I cannot duplicate the layers every n milliseconds with a  
> plugin, I cannot modify the undo behavior of basic painting tools,  
> and I cannot play the undo stack with a plugin) Is that correct?
> Any comments on this, as well as pointers to the code, will be  
> appreciated.Thanks in advance,Uri Simchoni

Yes, you are correct. Personally, I think that Recordmydesktop would  
be the best solution (cropping out undesirable elements), however, I  
have written a Script-fu which somewhat alleviates the problem of not  
being able to "replay" the UNDO history. The script is rather simple  
and merely adds a command to the File menu which saves a time-stamped  
snapshot of the current state of the image. This allows you to step  
through the UNDO history, saving a snapshot at each step.


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