Hi there,

i'm currently porting the decompose/compose plugins to use babl, but i'm 
bumping into the following error:


Including "babl/babl.h"

and simply defining

const Babl *rgb = babl_format ("RGB u8");

in the function extract_hsv without doing anything else brings me to:

fatal error: segmentation fault
Gimp-Base-WARNING **: 4 tile managers leaked
unref tile manager 0xa99e150 (900 x 595)
unref tile manager 0xa991460 (900 x 595)
unref tile manager 0xa869580 (900 x 595)
unref tile manager 0xa991400 (900 x 595)

after using the plugin to decompose an image into HSV!

What do I have to do to stop the leaking? I don't see the connection!


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