On 11-08-14 05:11 PM, Alexander Hämmerle wrote:
> decompose.c:
> Including "babl/babl.h"
> and simply defining
> const Babl *rgb = babl_format ("RGB u8");
> in the function extract_hsv without doing anything else brings me to:
> fatal error: segmentation fault
> Gimp-Base-WARNING **: 4 tile managers leaked
> What do I have to do to stop the leaking? I don't see the connection!

If the code seg faulted it wouldn't have had the chance to do proper clean 
up. From what I seen in the babl sources babl_format() allocates new memory. 
You need to call a routine to get rid of the structure when you are done 
with it.

Run your program with debugging enabled so you can get a backtrace when the 
code seg faults. If the code is seg faulting when your program is 
terminating it might be due to your not having called babl_init(). I'm not 
an expert on babl so I could be a little off here. You should check the babl 
docs or talk to Pippin (on IRC).
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