2011/8/13 Robert Hildebrandt <roberts_k...@gmx.de>:
> Hello Guys,
> I love using Gimp with the new SingleWindow-Mode but I've got a little
> issue:
> I like using Tab to maximize and minimize the  working area, which works
> very fine -- except one of those widgets outside gets the focus, so
> using Tab just changes the Widget with Focus.
> I haven't found a way to change the shortcut from "Tab" to something
> different (a way to search for the used keys in the shortcut Dialog
> could be also nice).


The 'Tab' key is a bit special because GTK+ doesn't allow 'Tab' as a
keyboard shortcut, right now it's hardcoded. It can be changed though
to something normal with the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.

'Tab' must at least mean "switch focus between widgets", we must not
change that. So for now, I would recommend you to simply change the
shortcut to something else. I doubt it would be worth to spend time
adding code in special places just to get "Tab for dock visibility" to
work. It is quite an odd choice of keyboard shortcut in the first
place, and imho we should look into another default key for this.

 / Martin


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