Speaking of tab in single-window mode, does Ctrl-Tab work for switching 
tab yet?  If not, is this planned?

Best regards,
Jeremy Morton (Jez)

On 15/08/2011 18:15, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> 2011/8/13 Robert Hildebrandt<roberts_k...@gmx.de>:
>> Hello Guys,
>> I love using Gimp with the new SingleWindow-Mode but I've got a little
>> issue:
>> I like using Tab to maximize and minimize the  working area, which works
>> very fine -- except one of those widgets outside gets the focus, so
>> using Tab just changes the Widget with Focus.
>> I haven't found a way to change the shortcut from "Tab" to something
>> different (a way to search for the used keys in the shortcut Dialog
>> could be also nice).
> Hi,
> The 'Tab' key is a bit special because GTK+ doesn't allow 'Tab' as a
> keyboard shortcut, right now it's hardcoded. It can be changed though
> to something normal with the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.
> 'Tab' must at least mean "switch focus between widgets", we must not
> change that. So for now, I would recommend you to simply change the
> shortcut to something else. I doubt it would be worth to spend time
> adding code in special places just to get "Tab for dock visibility" to
> work. It is quite an odd choice of keyboard shortcut in the first
> place, and imho we should look into another default key for this.
>   / Martin
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