2011/9/5 Alexia Death <alexiade...@gmail.com>:
> Since when does adding default resources counts as a feature or
> involves significant amount of coding and risk of breakage? I would
> agree if this was a coding task. It is not. If it was, there would be
> something very wrong with the setup. We sort of promised our users
> better resources with this release but nobody has take it up... The
> very least we could do is to provide some defaults for the new things
> so people know what it does.

What I call "feature" is something that makes GIMP better and that we
don't _have_ to do. Having default tool presets is better than not
having default tool presets, but it is not something we _have_ to do
before releasing 2.8, so adding default tool presets is a feature.

When I say that we should not do this to 2.8, I say that because I
want us to make a 2.8 release as soon as possible. However, people are
of course, as always, free to work on whatever they want to.



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