2011/9/5 Alexia Death <alexiade...@gmail.com>:
> Of course, but I see no reason to actively discourage resource changes
> at a point when we dont even have a new splash set yet...

Well, the reason we don't have a splash is because nobody had time to
get us one yet. From the point of view of making a 2.8 release happen,
it would be better if you took the lead in finding a 2.8 splash rather
than adding default tool presets.

But then there is the point of view of fun, and if you get a kick out
of giving users default tool presets in 2.8, which is perfectly
sensible, please do that. I get a kick out of trying to make a 2.8
release happen as soon as possible as well as improving the way we
work so that we can shorten our release cycles, so that's what I do.

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