I've come across the following blog post in my feed:

The author obviously favors Scheme over other programming languages, and has a 
clearly defined goal for the level of Scheme support in GIMP:

"The API should be so smoothly integrated in with The Gimp, that you'd be crazy 
to choose any other language."

At present, this is not true - and possible reasons are mentioned in the blog 
post, too:

"And you can't exactly blame programmers for not embracing Scheme: much of the 
Script-Fu scheme code out there is written in poor style (oh, to see Scheme 
code indented like C code - my eyes, my eyes!). Additionally, the Scheme API is 
low level."

I guess both of these are valid - I'm seeing many examples of people applying 
concepts from other languages to Scheme (e.g. some go to great lengths to get 
the number of elements of a list, in order to use that number in a for loop 
which iterates over the list). I can only imagine how that feels for a real 
Scheme programmer.

There are suggestions on how to solve this, too. A "Scheme community" should do 
the following:

"1. Don't stop by delivering the low level C style API. Go beyond that and 
deliver a high level API, one that uses all the cool features that are 
highlighted in Andy Wingo's post on Guile. Don't just talk about how macros can 
dramatically change the life of a programmer, make some that do. Don't just 
talk about how call-with-current-continuation can add new looping constructs to 
a language, create some.
2. Make sure there's plenty of high quality examples available. Perhaps 
reviewing and improving the plugins that users submit.

The author doesn't elaborate on the community, so I'm not sure who he's 
addressing with this post - i.e. if there are people working on improving 
Scheme support in arbitrary applications.

I'm not aware of any plans to improve Scheme support in GIMP from our side, 
though - at least not in the direction of that blog post. Running scripts like 
plug-ins is planned, maybe introducing named parameters, but not an overhaul of 
the whole API. And IIRC not a move to a different Scheme implementation - more 
likely a move to a different language altogether.

I'd like to comment on the blog post, or see comments by someone else, but I'd 
like to clarify our plans for Scheme in GIMP first.

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