Seth reported:

> Its been reported (and it happens to me all too often) that quick keys
> (when you hold control to get a new behavior for a tool) get stuck in
> the modified position.  This was recently closed as "Can't figure out
> a good way to fix it" for 1.2.  (#6415)

Offhand I agree with Sven that #6415 was a "convenient" bug (see bug
report), but appropriate "mode" indicia is called for, I lack the 
imagination to design what it could be.

But for those who regard this as a bug, has anyone given thought to 
mapping XWindow LeaveNotify to the same (or similar) logic invoked
by releasing the contol key *in* the image window? (turning it into 
a kind of default control key release...) Offhand -- again! --
this would provide a basis for fixing the bug, and those of us who
regard it a "feature" could invoke Yet Another Preference Toggle
Button (!) to disable the LeaveNotify addenda. 

I haven't looked at the logic and make no claim as to workability
of this. I'll peek this evening. (US East Coast time)

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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