> at 4k x 3k for most things you do see the line comming
> down. its slow for hue/sat/lightness adjustments, and
> fastest for curves. i may try this on windows, but i
> think some of the others on this list have already
> beaten that horse enough.

Someone already mentioned it, but I want to repeat it again 
for clarification: Gimp-1.1.23 has a bug in the preview code.
The function that updates the thumbnails shown in the 
L&C-dialog is called for every pixel that is changed. Of 
course this slows down things considerably. This has been 
fixed in CVS.

As profiling the Gimp shows, there's the need and room for
optimization. Marc and Daniel did work on this last weekend
and hopefully we will soon see those changes in CVS.

Salut, Sven

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