>I was used to adjusting photoshop to prevent it swapping, and tried to do
>that with GIMP, the above figures were based on my idea that X wanted 30
>megs and gimp seemed to want about 10 or so, leaving about 20 left for the
>image.  All wrong, terribly wrong.  I set the cache to 30 megs last night
>and it sped up tremendously, although it's still damned slow.  It now

Exactly: Gimp's swap is the maximum RAM that the app will request for images
and all related data (undos), not extra RAM, but total.

>takes about 20-30 seconds or so to do a levels change, still about 1/4 of
>the speed of photoshop but bearable, so no need for me to move OS yet
>again ;-)

Uuummm... have you recompiled with optimizations, BTW?

>It is a small amount, now I've gotten over the levels problem I've tried a
>few more things in gimp, and ended up halving the resolution of my image
>to try gimp out, I won't be able to do any serious work until I get a
>machine with more RAM at least.  I've got a Seagate Cheetah on a fast/wide
>SCSI adapter but even that's not fast enough to stop the swapping getting
>on my nerves!

Maybe your disk layout is wrong. Setting a good partitioning can be a really
complex thing. Place your swap in the middle, and the Gimp swap near. There
are docs that describe how to set a disk for better perforance (I have not
tested, but I know that the machines do not go slow either, so the tactics
at least do not hurt).

And remember: 30 MB is just your image, so after the first operation, Gimp
always swaps.


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