On 30 Jul, Marc Lehmann wrote:

>>  No need to get insulting.
> It's pure fact. You keep claiming all sorts of funny things that you
> yourself should have known long before you started posting about it.

 Ok Marc, it's enough. I will not continue this useless flamewar!
 In real life you sometimes play the nice guy but back on the computer
 you're pretty unproffesional!

> And I think otherwise. Don't ask me if you are going to ignore me.

 I wouldn't answer if I had ignored you. The perl plugin is broken
 on several configurations and you're ignoring it. If you don't want
 to help, let it be and do whatever you like to do. 

 I for my part offered help to remove the problems but am pretty
 clueless since I don't know much about perl, otherwise I'd fix
 it on my own.



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