On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 10:09:01PM -0500, Tim Mooney 
> What does work is to build all of gtk, install the entire package, and
> then edit the gtk-1.2.8/gtk/Makefile and on the link line for libgtk, add
>       -L/path/to/lib/directory/containing/installed/libgdk -lgdk

Hmm... not creating exact dependencies causes a small runtime speed
degradation on many systems (including linux), and once linux dynamic
linker is improved to include things like quickstarting this penalty will
increase a lot (not to speak of compatibility problems when more than one
gtk+ is installed on the system, e.g. a pic and a non-pic version, but
quickstarting will make this superfluous anyway ;).

So libtool would, at one point, be need to fixed anyway so efforts should
go into fixing (or enhancing) libtool (my own guess is that most libtool's
problems are from the fact that libtool refuses to do a lot of sane things
"because it might break on system x-y-z from 1985", causing more problems
than that solves ;)

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