> it's been my experience that last year's whining
> screaming can quite often
> be next years' thoughtful contribution.  he
> definitely cares about the
> design, enough to get upset and scream about it. 
> maybe he has to learn
> some things, but if you want a nice quiet list full
> of nice quiet
> agreement that sounds more like a support group.  

There's been a level of civility around here that gets
violated from time to time.  Banning is an
overreaction, but whether or not he realizes it, he's
effectively banning himself.  The only reason I might
read one of his posts now is for entertainment
purposes, even though I'm sure he has something useful
to say somewhere.  Its not worth my time to sort
through the insults and profanity to come up with a
small nugget of "that might be useful".  I'm sure I'm
not alone in this regard.

Timecop, please try to remember that developers and
other contributors are people too. 

Happy GIMPing, and may this thread die a timely death.


> On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:
> > Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 12:24:45 +0100
> > From: Rebecca J. Walter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Subject: ban request
> > 
> > i would like to request that timecop be banned
> from this list.
> > is that possible? if so, would someone please do
> that?  he obviously
> > fails to appreciate the quality program the
> developers have made
> > available to us and his constant cursing and
> complaining is a waste of
> > band width.
> > thank you.
> > bex
> > 

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