"oliver" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>       I've hacked a few of photoshop's blending modes (dodge and burn -- which
> are different in photoshop than multiply and divide -- and hardlight) into
> the gimp 1.3 sources. I was wondering if this would make an interesting
> patch, and if so how do you guys prefer recieving them?
>       In any event a unified diff against current CVS is attached.

A short patch like this one can always be sent through this list.
But I'd prefer if you could redo the patch, because of the following

- it reverts a change in the preferences dialog. You obviously 
  didn't cvs update before creating the diff. 
- it changes some autogenerated code (the files ending in _cmds.c).
  The changes have to performed in the directory tools/pdbgen/pdb
  on the .pdb files.

You could help us by providing a new patch. Sent it to the list again
or upload it to ftp.gimp.org.

Salut, Sven

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