> A short patch like this one can always be sent through this list.
> But I'd prefer if you could redo the patch, because of the following
> reasons:
> - it reverts a change in the preferences dialog. You obviously
>   didn't cvs update before creating the diff.

        D'oh, my bad.

> - it changes some autogenerated code (the files ending in _cmds.c).
>   The changes have to performed in the directory tools/pdbgen/pdb
>   on the .pdb files.

        It would be nice to have this written down somewhere, as someone mentioned.
Looking now I notice the little comment at the beginning of the files, but
other than that they don't look very generated.

> You could help us by providing a new patch. Sent it to the list again
> or upload it to ftp.gimp.org.

        An updated version of the patch is attached. Let me know if all is well
this time.



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