HI !!!

I use gimp(1.2.0)-perl for making gif images in batches  and a batch is
of around 5000 images(gifs).

What should be the ideal size of the tile cache(currently 50m) so that
gimp does not create a swap file.(it takes up all the disk space in one

I delete the image after I save as gif so that only one image is open
at any given time.
secondly I dont want to store the undo information
"gimp_image_disable_undo " gives me protocol error and the same error
results if I set the undo-levels to 0 in gimprc

Why ? what should I do ?

somehow I have not been able to use the  gimp-comment parasite 
I will be highly oblige if someone can please show me how to add a gif comment.

Thanks in advance


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