On 10 January, 2001 - Raphael Quinet sent me these 2.1K bytes:

> Unfortunately, none of the three addresses mentioned for anoncvs
> allowed me to get any files.  One of them failed because of a server
> configuration problem, another one could be reached but did not
> respond, and the last one was apparently offline because it could not
> be reached at all (no ping).

I admin anoncvs3.gnome.org ( and it shouldn't have had
any problems, it's been _very_ stable for the last few years.

> I hope that the situation is better for the non-anonymous CVS server.
> I would be glad if anyone could give me the IP address of an anonymous
> GNOME CVS mirror that works reasonably well for European users.

anoncvs3.gnome.org is in Sweden connected to the Swedish University

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