Good morning Gimp guys...
My name is Scott McDaniel and I am with Chilliware Inc.
We are a software firm that is doing retail Linux apps. Our goal is to bring 
Linux into the home and small office by offering everyday, useful desktop 
Recently, we were discussing what other software we could add to our CDROMs 
that would add value for our of the first programs mentioned 
was, indeed, Gimp.
After we compiled our list, Matt Mantelli, our sales manager, sent out email 
to the maintainers of the software we wanted to use...again including Gimp.
We have had positive responses from nearly a dozen authors so far, 
unequivocable 'YES' responses. However, this morning we have gotten some 
interesting answers from you guys. Unfortunately, one of the responses was a 
tad over the top, and I felt I needed to reconfirm our request...

Yes, we understand the license; yes, we also understand that Gimp CAN be 
distributed freely, however, we chose to be courteous and ask the developers 
also, as some folks like to know where there software is showing up.

Attached below are the 3 different responses we garnered from our request to 
you guys...if there is someone in charge there, I would like to offer the 
same courteous question: "Do you mind if we include Gimp and its sources on 
our CDROMs?"

Thanks for your assistance, and we hope to see you at LWE.
Scott McDaniel
Technical Development Manager
Chilliware, Inc.

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Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2001 7:02 PM
Subject: Re: Chilliware/Gimp
Sure, just add it to your products. There's no problem as long as you 
 provide the source as well.

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Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2001 7:03 PM
To: Matt Mantelli
Subject: Re: Chilliware/Gimp

Gimp already has tremendous exposure, more exposure than any of your
products have. I believe what you really mean to say is that you want to
put something of value on your CDs to make them worth something. I've tried
your software and it feels and crashes like it was written by clueless
amateur programmers.

Why don't you guys put your 100 or so programmers on a single project so
that maybe, just maybe, you could write a half-way-decent application?

Oh, you might also want to send them back to college (or did you grab them
out of highschool?) so that they can actually learn how to program.

Thanks for listening.

PS: Using Microsoft Outlook is extremely insulting.

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Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2001 6:37 PM
To: Matt Mantelli
Subject: Re: Chilliware/Gimp

Contact you about what? The license for GIMP is explicit. If you
comply with the license, you may distribute it on your CD. Do you have
questions about the license?

[EMAIL PROTECTED]     Zachary Beane

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