On Wednesday, 24 Jan 2001, Scott McDaniel wrote:

> Unfortunately, one of the responses was a tad over the top, and I
> felt I needed to reconfirm our request...
> Yes, we understand the license; yes, we also understand that Gimp CAN be 
> distributed freely, however, we chose to be courteous and ask the developers 
> also, as some folks like to know where there software is showing up.
> Attached below are the 3 different responses we garnered from our request to 
> you guys...if there is someone in charge there, I would like to offer the 
> same courteous question: "Do you mind if we include Gimp and its sources on 
> our CDROMs?"

The Gimp is developed co-operatively, so there's no single person in
charge.  Yosh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> is the person who decides when to make
releases, and so is probably the closest we have to an official

I apologise for the second message you quote: I don't think it is
representative of the majority view of the developers.

You are most welcome to distribute The Gimp on your CD, so long as you
abide by the terms of the GNU Public Licence (GPL).  In brief, this
means ensuring that the source code is available, either directly on
the CD or by giving a URL for where the code can be found.  See the
file "COPYING" at the top of the Gimp source code distribution for the
full details.

Thank you for being courteous in letting us know you intend to
distribute The Gimp.


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