[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-01-27 at 0022.57 +0100):
> > Does blur blur all the layers? 
> Hm... it should rather be compared to any filter that produces a new
> image with an 1:1 mapping of layers.

The filter has that feature as an option, you can work on the same
image. And you can duplicate your current and apply blur then. It
seems GUI inconsistencies to me, more than anything.

> > Can you tile all layers with a script?
> That's irrelevant; you can do anything with scripts. 
> It's just a question of how much work you want to put down into it.

Not only put today, but in a long period of time. If you are going to
reuse something a lot, a script pays off.

> A checkbox "use all layers" or the like in the filter popup wouldn't
> be bad at all. Just an idea.

Mail the coder of that plugin then. Or code the patch.

> > Or using the filter all that is somewhere in the menus? I think those
> > questions are your answer. ;]
> Haven't found that. 

Filter / Filter all Layers..., it is a Perl script, it seems. :]

BTW, what would happen if layers have different sizes?


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