Thanks for you mail, but I have a bad news,  in this moment Monigotes
Animacion have not programers to develop more Plug-in
(Gfli_Patch and psd_save), we are received some E-Mail, with patch to
this plug-in, (only for Psd_Save).

  We only can let some web space for the develop, at


If you think that god idea please tell us, and any way I will put the
E-Mails in one Week


Vittorio Pirajno

Vegard Vesterheim escribió:

> I did a quick attempt at porting the psd_save plugin (allows saving in
> Photoshop format) to gimp 1.2. It appeared to require only minor
> modifications to compile.
> But the resulting plugin does not seem to save mask information.
> Looking at the source code, I get the impression that this should
> work. Can anyone shed any light on this ?
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