It looks like some strange things are happening in the Gimp (any
version since 1.1.x) if you create an image of size 1x63 or similar
sizes.  Some of these effects (related to the tile management, IIRC)
had been discussed on this list in the past, but the strange thing is
that some people (Seth, Marc) do not seem to be affected by #22567
while others get some strange errors with exactly the same version of
the Gimp.  This is apparently independent of the operating system, X
display or window manager used because I could reproduce #22567 on
different platforms.

Please read the comments on the following pages and see if you can add
any useful information.  If you can find two configurations (software
versions, compilation options, environment variables, window manager,
or some other settings) in which the bugs appear or do not appear,
that would probably help to track down the source of the problems.  I
already tried to include as much information as I could find in these
bug reports:
Feel free to add your own comments to these bug reports...

Bug #22567 generates a GTK+ warning when you undo a resize.
Bug #50867 can apparently crash 1.3.0 if you run some plug-ins (with
version 1.2.1 it generates many GTK+ warnings but otherwise it works).


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