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Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 19:57:38 +0200
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How hard would it be to add meaningful usage statistics in Gimp?

It was done some years ago. The GIMP wikipedia page reports it was created by 
the University of Warterloo and called ingimp

Quoting the Wikipedia article on GIMP:

"Instrumented GIMP (ingimp): Created at the University of Waterloo to track and report user interaction with the program to generate statistics about how GIMP is used, first released on 5 May 2007. Statistics collected by ingimp were publicly available freely of charge on the project's website after being anonymized.[61] As of 2014, the ingimp website is no longer functioning."

Whatever statistics were collected, they are no longer available unless someone can find an archived copy.

Also, those statistics pertain to 8-bit GIMP users. There are a lot of people in GIMP's target group of high end users who have never used GIMP precisely because it didn't support high bit depth image editing.

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