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> To save retyping, here is the current text:

we do not really have to worry about bandwidth usage (could be that the
webserver config is the limiting factor) and especially not about fees.

This allows us to make the texts a bit easier, and focus on the user

> This link downloads the GIMP executable for Windows platforms via gimp.org. It
> can be a bit slow at times, so if you are having problems, try the
> link below for download via BitTorrent

For BitTorrent, all of our torrents are set up with multiple web seeds,
so this will work even without seeders. As I wrote before , we tested
this in a university network at a conference, where torrent traffic was
blocked, and it did work this way).

> BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing system.
> BitTorrent works by downloading GIMP from a distributed network of
> mirror sites and from other BitTorrent users called "seeders". Learn more...

What would be nice to have is a diff to the current download site (or
maybe even only the Windows.htrw part of it).

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