On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 5:55 PM, Webdrifter wrote:

First of all, I realize you are passionate GIMPshop/GIMP user and I do
appreciate that. But you seem to be making a horrible lot of debatable

> Downloads of Gimpshop really skyrocketed, thus proving the viability
> and deer need for a product like this.

With free software that has no "phone back" feature you have no way to
estimate if downloaded software is used at all or if there's a hype
going on. Hence viability of GIMPshop is merely a speculation. The
same applies to GIMP as well.

> A product that not only can knock Photoshop off it's throne, but that
> could get rid off Photoshop's dominance and arrogance alltogether.

I think I can freely speak for the majority of the team here: we do
not define GIMP as a project that aims to dethrone Photoshop. You are
of course at liberty to disagree with our project vision.

> You would think the Gimp society would have picked up on this,
> however it never happened. Million's of people are still waiting for the
> miracle to happen again.

The reason it never happened is because noone cares enough to go ahead
and do that. So much for "millions" of people waiting for a miracle.

> We should recognize this need and use it to our advantage, instead
> of ignoring it.

By all means, please go ahead and fork GIMP :)

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