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>  > I still think that there should be a file->import as it's really hard to 
> tell people JPEG and PNG are not native to GIMP when it opens them just fine. 
> Yes, I had the same thought; the current system is asymmetric. If it is 
> insisted that non-xcf files cannot be saved and are exported instead, so they 
> shall be also only imported instead of opened. But when I can open a file, 
> then I expect that I am able also to save it.

That's probably the real point.

> OTOH, as the application can detect which format is being opened, and choose 
> automatically between opening of the native format and importing of other 
> formats, so maybe the best solution could be simply change the label from 
> "open" to "open or import".

"open" is generic enough. "import" (if it exists besides "open")
usually implies that you convert from a format that is not the format
used internally or not the intended format for the application.
"export" has the same meaning (but other direction). "save" is generic
too. You can also think about other generic terms, like "load" and



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