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> Von: "Jehan Pagès" <jehan.marmott...@gmail.com>
> When I read this, I understand that I am really not clear. 

> So no, I am not saying and have never said that we would grab
> repository from "elsewhere". I know patdavid seemed to have such an
> idea at some point, but I thought we made the point clear on IRC.

It looks like you went out of that IRC meeting with an different impression 
than I.

What I remember from the meeting:

- a repository or repositories *on gitlab.com* to host all of the official, 
curated resources
- encouraging other developers to use Git (on github, gitlab, savannah, ...) as 
well, and possibly add their repositories as submodules/subtrees
  (with technical details to be filled in by people who know about git than me)
- use gitlab.com as opposed to github to be able to (if the need arises, for 
example gitlab turning evil) host an instance ourselves and migrate everything 

I am also still puzzled how the "one repository per 'script/plugin'" (we really 
need a better term for that concept) approach will be managed.

Maybe this is a good time to remind everyone that Wilber, our IRC bot, has the 
Meetbot plugin installed:

Using it more frequently would make even small, rather informal meetings with 
all of their action items, agreements and disagreements easier to record.

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