On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 2:22 AM, Kevin Pellet wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I am following this list since....well, quite a bunch of months now. I
> am a french student in computer science, and for once I am both in a
> mood of being productive and I have some time. So I'd like to help
> contributing to GIMP, and I am emailing the list because I am not sure
> where to start.
> I started working on a bug a long time ago, but there was a few points
> that were needed to be discussed so it was kind of blocked (And I lost
> which bug it was). I love to code, I know more about web development
> (JavaScript stuff to be precise), but I already coded in C, C++, Python,
> and even tried Rust! And I am very interested in ux/ui design, even
> though I have no practical knowledges in it or even some degreed.
> So, where do I have to start? :p More seriously, I'd like get my hand
> dirty to make GIMP an even more cool software. I know there is a lot of
> work to get 2.10 finished, is there anything I can do to help about this?
> Thanks for reading! Have a nice day everyone _o/

Hello and welcome, Kevin :)

Here is the list of all bugs that block the v2.10 release:


It looks like #792141 (replacing jasper with openjpeg lib for JPEG2000
support) is now being taken care of by Darshan, our intern from FSF,
and #589371 (improving default set of brushes etc.) is being done by
Americo. The rest is probably free to be worked on.

There is also a bunch of bugs with "normal" and "minor" severity.
Here's the full list:


What picks your interest there?

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