On Sat, Feb 24, 2001 at 02:47:17AM +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
>    On my neighbours display (often an IRIX machine) I can see the 4Dwm
>    environment together with - for him - a quite useless gnome-panel
>    and other gimmicks he cannot turn off except by closing everything
>    (including his app). All that because he just started gnome-icu (or
>    some other app).

Thanks for demonstrating what you meant about people criticising something
without knowing anything much about it, Marc. Next time your neighbour
is running Gnome ICU please go over and start up a conversation (anyone
running a toy solely designed to let strangers send them silly colored
messages won't be annoyed if you come over and talk to them) and while
you are discussing the shortcomings of Gnome, check out the icon in the
panel which was created and used by Gnome ICU.

Now, when an application calls a Gnome API function which has the sole
purpose of creating a panel icon, and there is no panel, what should
it do Marc? I mean, this isn't some hacker Perl script, so probably

Eeek! Fatal error, bailing out

isn't an acceptable response for a desktop user. Gnome ICU calls such
a function, and so GNOME creates a panel for it. Stop the FUD.

(The other reason for getting "too much stuff" that occurs to me is
a bad packaging / administration job, but that's less likely)

ObVaguelyOnTopicAside: Maybe we should be able to provide something
that you can use Gimp properly without X (not at build time, but..)
during the 1.3.x GUI/ core separation process. Such a process could
speak CORBA and thereby eliminate our existing gimp-wire i18n bug


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