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>> PS: IMHO we should change the policy for patches. Handling them via 
>> FTP has never worked that well. Patches should go to the list 
>> (preferably with the word [patch] in the subject) or/and to bugzilla.
> Why not use SourceForge to manage patches?

 Because we're not on sourceforge. The new way to submit a patch is:
 [1] Open a webbrowser.
 [2] Point the browser to http://bugzilla.gnome.org
 [3] Open a bugzilla account by clicking on the link "Open a new
     Bugzilla account" if you do not already have one. 
 [4] Use the "Query existing bug reports" link to check whether your
     problem is already reported. If yes -> [5a], if no [5b].
 [5a] Click on the bug and then on "Create a new attachment".
      Upload your file and add the keyword "PATCH".
 [5b] File a new bug report with the simptoms and then continue with [5a].



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