Can anybody explain why:

- palettes are copied to user dir?

- palettes are resaved every time you use them (use, not change, or at
least it seems so)?

Would not be better to have them like the other data, in a common dir,
and then save to user dir only if changed, and with a new name like
"Foo (Edited)" or "Foo (User version)"?

I ask this cos it wastes space (ok, not much) and makes migrations a
bit painful (do users know how to use diff or list dates? list,
probably, diff is another thing).

Just ideas about making the system coherent and less complex to use.
It will also make additions or changes faster, common files are always
common, no need to mess with user files.

Uum, following the trend, why are other data fixed? It would cool to
be able to click on edit (most dialogs have a "Close" button, "Edit"
fits in the rest of space) and save modified versions to user dir
without having to locate the file, copy & rename and then edit.

AAh, it will be nice to have "Refresh" in all applicable dialogs, so
changes can be seen on the fly. Not all of them have it, it seems to
be exclusive, "Refresh" or "Edit" (brushes seems to be the exception).

Is this unification planned in (or a natural derivation of) Gimp 1.3
reworkings? (I update CVS, but have not compiled / used it in a long

Thanks for your time.

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