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>Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> ...
>> There shouldn't be any problem in compiling the gimp-1-2 branch for
>> Win32, even less the December snapshot. The HEAD branch, however, is a
>> different beast. Hans Breuer has tried to keep it compilable with
>> MSVC, but his last ChangeLog entry is a month old and says: "Gimp 1.3
>> for win32 (msc) builds and runs at this short moment, it's a fast
>> moving target nowadays :-)"
>I am not aware of any changes that might have broken 1.3 compiling
>on Win32 again after Hans has fixed it.
I am. Remember: all the makefiles are hand-written for msvc and there has
been much file renaming since my last commit. Additionally the whole tool
stuff got restructured shortly behind it, which definitely broke the build.

If it has settled done a bit, I'll give it another try ...

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