On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, "wolfgang hofer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Does anybody know what's wrong with
> GIMP mailing list Archives ?
> The gimp-devel Archive does not update
> since weeks.

The address of the mailing list has changed, and it is likely that
some archive sites have not updated their filters and have rejected
the mails when they started coming from a different address.  The gimp
mailing lists are now running from lists.xcf.berkeley.edu.

The old submission address at scam.xcf is now forwarding the messages
to the new host (your message went through), but this redirection
might disappear in the future.

> PS:
>  This is the way I used to read the developers
>  mailing list:
> http://www.gimp.org/mailing_list.html

Hmmm...  These pages are outdated (like many of the www.gimp.org
pages, alas).  Until the archive sites like www.mail-archive.com are
updated, you can get the list archives directly from:


If you follow the links on that page, you will get the archives of the
various gimp mailing lists, but you will be redirected through a
secure SSL connection, which is a bit inconvenient.  Fortunately, the
same archives are also available using http instead of https.  So the
direct links to the lists are:


Apparently, the gimp-win-users and gimp-film archives are dead.  Also,
one message from [EMAIL PROTECTED] in the gimp-developer archives had an
incorrect date (February 2002 instead of 2001), so the first month
listed on the gimp-developer archive page is not the current one.

By the way, if anyone on this list has an account on www.gimp.org and
a couple of minutes of spare time, it would be a good idea to replace
the links on that page with the ones mentioned above (maybe the old
links to www.mail-archive.com can be kept in case their archives are
updated).  Also, the addresses for subscription and submission should
use lists.xcf.berkeley.edu.  I do not have an account on www.gimp.org
so I cannot do it myself (besides, I do not want to be "promoted" as
the new maintainer of these pages ;-)


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