A few minutes ago, I wrote:
> The address of the mailing list has changed, and it is likely that
> some archive sites have not updated their filters and have rejected
> the mails when they started coming from a different address.  The gimp
> mailing lists are now running from lists.xcf.berkeley.edu.

Well, it is even simpler than that...  The mail archives hosted by
www.mail-archive.com are using the address of the mailing list as a
key in the URL.  Since the address has changed from scam.xcf to
lists.xcf, the URL to the list archive has changed accordingly:


So the link to mail-archive.com on http://www.gimp.org/mailing_list.html
does not have to be removed, but it should be updated.  Same for the
gimp-user archives, which have now moved to:



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