I have a couple things in my wishlist that I'd like to add to

- Biased color reduction

  This is a feature I saw in photoshop. When reducing the colors of an
  image, it will try to preserve colors within the active selection
  more than it tries to preserve those outside of it. For example, if
  you want to keep skin tones in an image, but want to otherwise
  reduce the overall number of colors, you would select a few
  representative areas of skin before doing the reduction.

- Monitor resolution calculation

  This idea has been kicking around in my head for quite some time
  now. Rather than the current system of "measure this item onscreen
  and enter the figure from your ruler" to calculate DPI, I think it
  would be more userfriendly to have the shape of some common object
  that you could stretch to fit. For example, you could select A4
  paper, place the top of a sheet against the monitor, and stretch or
  shrink the virtual outline until it fits the physical outline. That
  would give a pretty decent measurement, I think

  (This program could also be completely standalone, as I think it
  would be useful at other times than GIMP installation.)

What do you think?

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