On Sunday, 8 Apr 2001, Ernst Lippe wrote:

> Austin Donnelly wrote:
> > Actually, the core could do with a tile convolution, since currently
> > it copies data into a tempbuf before convolving it.  This makes some
> > tools more effificient (or incorrect) eg iscissors.
> I'd love to see convolution in the Gimp core.

We already have convolution code in the core.  However, it uses the
copying technique, and doesn't deal with tile boundaries at all (much
less image boundaries).

I do think a proper tile-based convolver is needed, and I think the
developers would support such a move.  Unfortunately, I don't have the
time to co-ordinate this :(

> I am willing to do a large part of the coding, but only when there is
> enough support for this issue from the "core" Gimp developers.

I think there is support.

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