Austin Donnelly wrote:
> On Sunday, 8 Apr 2001, Ernst Lippe wrote:
> > Austin Donnelly wrote:
> > > Actually, the core could do with a tile convolution, since currently
> > > it copies data into a tempbuf before convolving it.  This makes some
> > > tools more effificient (or incorrect) eg iscissors.
> >
> > I'd love to see convolution in the Gimp core.
> We already have convolution code in the core.  However, it uses the
> copying technique, and doesn't deal with tile boundaries at all (much
> less image boundaries).
As far as i can see i does some image boundary handling, by simply
copying the source pixels near the boundary.
> I do think a proper tile-based convolver is needed, and I think the
> developers would support such a move.  Unfortunately, I don't have the
> time to co-ordinate this :(
> > I am willing to do a large part of the coding, but only when there is
> > enough support for this issue from the "core" Gimp developers.
> I think there is support.

Thanks for your moral support. But what i am looking for is someone to
help making design decisions, like the points that i mentioned in my
previous message. I don't think that that is a very time-consuming job,
there are not any really difficult issues and i expect that only minor
changes to the code are needed. Is anyone currently responsible for the
convolution code? 


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