For anyone who's been down this path before:

My department is going to be putting GIMP out for general use on Sun E-220R's 
and Ultra-10's. The Ultra-10's will be one person per console, but the 
E-220R's will have SunRays attached, so we'll have a many as 31 users trying 
to run the software concurrently.

The GIMP documentation, which seems to be aimed at single-user Linux boxes, 
suggests setting its "Tile Cache" to half your physical RAM or all of your 
available RAM. This is obviously not appropriate for 30 concurrent sessions of 
GIMP. Can anyone provide a rule of thumb to apply to this issue?

My first thought is to make the cache 2-4MB, which would probably make their 
session run slower, but would fit into the actual RAM more reasonably. 
Alternately, we can set the cache to 32MB and let Solaris virtual memory 
handle the swapping.

Please reply directly. Thanks, Allan

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